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janowski films presents messages

Director's Statement

Sometimes it appears that the universe sends messages that only you understand. I ask the univieser if it can hear me, and I ask it to send me a sign, and to come in a way that only I will recognize.

One time it came to me in the form of a rowboat. I had just started a photography project in a foreign location. After 2 days of work, the project still hadn’t clicked for me. I wasn’t seeing the joy and  beauty in what I was doing. On the third day, I was photographing in a cemetery – where all the graves were on top the ground – about 18” high. And there it was. Lined up among the graves was a rowboat. Everything instantly clicked. I smiled and understood. The boat meant nothing to anyone else – but it was exactly the message that I needed. The photography project finished absolutely perfect.

- Diane Janowski