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janowski films presents messages


Primavera, 2006
Way Upstate No. 1, 2006
Way Upstate No. 2, 2006
Way Upstate No 3, 2006
Let Me Sleep Already, 2005
Fromage Homage, 2004
Canned Ham, 2004
Buddha's Blue Ribbon, 2004
Save Postage, Save Time, Pay Electronically, 2004
Garage Sale, 2004
WHITE, 2005
Untitled: A Study in Red, White, and Blue, 2005
Blades of Grass, 2005
Zero is Not Nothing, 2005
Birds, 2005

©2006 Janowski Films. All rights reserved. Do not steal this film. I will find you and prosecute to the fullest extent.